Welcome to the webpage of Phygital Media Lab at University of Tsukuba. We are in College of Media Arts, Science and Technology, School of Informatics, and Master’s and Doctoral Programs in Informatics, Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences. We are a research group led by Takefumi Hiraki, conducting a variety of areas related to Augmented and Mixed Reality, Haptic Interfaces, Human-Computer Interaction, and Robotics.

“Phygital = Physical + Digital”

We are exploring “Phygital Media,” which is the media realized by the high-level integration of physical and digital spaces. We are investigating and developing reality augmentation media, in terms of both hardware and software, that supports people and enriches our daily lives by sensing and manipulating the material properties with computers and implementing new physical mechanisms and structures into the environment. Through these activities, we aim to establish multisensory interaction focusing on vision and haptics and realize a future where people can be free from physical, spatial, and temporal constraints.